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Dance Arts by Sarah
Sarah has enjoyed teaching dance for almost 25 years now. She grew up in Utah, where she spent most of her time in her parents dance studios training and dreaming of being a professional dancer. 

 She was awarded two scholarships to study dance at two universities, BYU, and University of Utah. She studied many forms of dance in college but focused her training in classical ballet, jazz, and contemporary modern. 

She offers classes for adults, teens, and children in ballet, jazz, and contemporary. You can find more info about her classes at www.danceartsbysarah.weebly.com.

Sarah's classes:
Adult Ballet classes focus on learning the foundational ballet exercises that build strength and alignment. We start with barre exercises and then move into center exercises as technique concepts are mastered and strength is increased.

Adult Contemporary Modern will be opening as soon as we receive enough interest to open the class. Please let us know if your interested!

The Preteen/Teen Ballet and Contemporary classes are 1 hour and 15min. We will learn the ballet technique that help students to find alignment and build strength, while also learning contemporary movement that will satisfy the creative, adventurous side of a teen dancer.