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Non-Profit Performing Dance group.​

 TusuyPeru pursues to bring you an imaginary voyage to the beautiful beaches, the wonders of the majestic Haciendas, and keep going to the elevated Andes continuing to the warm rain forest of Perú.

The name, TusuyPeru is a combination of two words; Tusuy in Quechua (ancient Peruvian language) means Dance and Peru is the name of the country that give us all of these different cultures and colorful dances.

We love to share our dances and Peruvian culture with you, we have performed at dance festivals, community events, parties and more. if you want us to perform in your event. 

Please contact us at 

Are you an avid Performer? would you like to part of our dance group? 
Please contact us for details.
And don't worry, you don't need to have previous Peruvian dance knowledge, we will teach you our rhythms.