Rhythms musings -Fall 2019
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I nstructor’s corner

This space will be dedicated to a instructor per issue. This time we will talk about Jessica McKean, she teaches Zumba Toning® and Core da Force ®
Jessica has been teaching at Rhythms since the very first day, she transmits her energy and enthusiasm for fitness in each one of her classes. She wrote this on feb 2019:

A lot of people are intimidated by group fitness classes, and I can understand why. The idea of trying to keep up with complicated routines and unfamiliar moves in front of a bunch of strangers isn’t exactly appealing, especially to a beginner.But group fitness classes are so much more than that. They not only improve your health, they also teach you new skills, give you a group of exercise buddies, and make you feel good about yourself.
So I have put together a list of 8 reasons why group fitness is beneficial.

1.        Variety~ You can’t do the same workout every single day and expect to continue getting good results. Our bodies crave variety. Group fitness classes offer new moves, music and exercises.

2. You appreciate the diversity of bodies~ At the studio I teach in, there is such a diverse group of people, ages, body types. It is wonderful to be surrounded by a group of active people who look so different to each other, compared to the cookie cutter “fit” image we’re fed in advertising and television.

3. A more intense workout~ If, like me, you hate running on the treadmill, group fitness classes may be a better fit for you. I rarely work out for an hour non-stop unless someone is forcing me to...... wait, I’m the instructor I force everyone else :-)

4. They help you relieve stress~ Exercise has so many magical benefits that go beyond the moment and impact everyday life. It helps you sleep, puts you in a good mood, and builds physical and mental health. Working through physical discomfort helps you learn to handle stress in a healthy way. And exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy :-)

5. Community~ If you attend fitness classes regularly, you’ll most likely see the same familiar faces over-and-over again, as well as find an exact spot where you like to be. Group fitness is all about making friends with those around you while you sweat and the community aspect will keep you committed to your workouts. Trust me if you begin to miss classes, you can bet that people are going to wonder where you are.

6. Energy and Enjoyable~ Now these are 2 different but the same things to me. When there are a bunch of people around you working hard, getting into the moment, sometimes you’re able to push yourself harder than you would if you were alone. I love the vibe I get from a full class and everyone is pushing through to the end. And it should be fun! If you are not laughing during your workout then you’re missing out. Seriously, there is something about being part of a room full of people who are hopping around, flapping their arms, and stepping in a sort-of-unison. And I love it when people add in there own “solos”.

7. Schedule~ Once you find a class you really love you’ll have a weekly (or even daily) workout date. Since there’s a set date and time you have to make it. Some gyms and classes require you to sign in ahead of time due to space, so if you sign up and don’t go you may have taken a spot away from someone else and you have missed your chance to workout. Plus you are wasting money. Classes usually aren’t free and if you are paying ahead of time for the month you are throwing your money away.

8. Structure~ Unlike walking into a gym with a bunch of equipment that you may or may not know how to use, group fitness classes have certified instructors that give you step-by-step instruction. Instructors will push you to maximize your workout but also make sure you are working out correct and effectively.